Why Florida?

Florida, so by its geography, its climate and its sociocultural context, than by its economic activities, its industries, its universities, its innovation policy and its programs of international opening and European countries regions opening, presents of numerous similarities with the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

Due to the characteristics of its population (strong presence of elderly people), the medical sciences and in particular connected to neurosciences, are very developed with particularly famous institutes (Byrd Alzheimer Institute at USF or Roskamp Institute at Sarasota).

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Prestigious national institutes such as the Stanford Research Institute (from Stanford to Tampa), Scripps (from San Diego to Tampa), Draper Labs (from the Boston MIT to Tampa), Torrey Pines Institute (from San Diego to West Palm Beach) settled down in Florida.

Central Florida in particular, which extends from Tampa to Cape Canaveral by way of Lakeland and Orlando, is a particularly dynamic region (8.5 million inhabitants within a radius of 150 km), which is known under the name of "High Tech Corridor".

This region is unifying its three strong regions:Tampa Bay, around the city of Tampa, Orlando and Polk County to become one of the ten great American regions on the 2025 horizon.

So, we notice that Florida has themes of common interests with the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region:

  • Cleantechs (clean energies)
  • High technologies, the digital industry and the photonic industry
  • Aerospace
    • NASA's presence in Florida, but also the main light aviation US market.
  • Maritime Sciences
    • Florida is the US state with the highest number of private boats and yachts. It's also the main water sports market (Miami) worldwide, and thanks for the Panama Canal extansion, a major harbour site. 
  • Biotechs (life sciences)
    • Tampa is the second medical devices cluster in the US (the first one is in Minneapolis).

Furthermore, several consortium members have already established narrow links with certain Florida State actors, and more exactly the Centrel Florida region: companies accompanied by PACA-Est Incubator and Belle de Mai Incubator, incubated in the South Florida University inubators network, meetings between TVT and the territorial softlanding actions coordinator  and the exchanges with France, visit of the PACA region clusters and meetings with counterparts clusters, ... etc.

rencontre entre Belle De Mai Incubateur PACA Est & USF

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