The experimental Softlanding operation in Florida

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Why Florida?

Florida, so by its geography, its climate and its sociocultural context, than by its economic activities, its industries, its universities, its innovation policy and its programs of international opening and European countries regions opening, presents of numerous similarities with the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

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The collaboration project

The 5 consortium partners put into practice their service offer and their tools dedicated to softlanding, by launching and implementing an actio partnership said of " Innovation Exchange " with the American East coast, and more exactly Florida.

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Our partners

Find all the Floridian partners, collaborating to the experimental softlanding operation with the PACA Region.

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Kick-off event

To officially launch the experimental Innovation Exchanges operation with the Floridian partners, a kick-off event organized around thematical workshops will take place in September in Naples, Florida.

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