Presentation of the Trajectoires International consortium

Within the framework of the Trajectories internationa lproject, five structures (BIC and incubators) of the PACA region formed a consortium led by a leader: TVT innovation.

The program leader

logo tvt innovation

Maison des Technologies
Place Georges Pompidou
83000, Toulon
Tel: (+33) 4 94 03 89 84

The structure and its activities

TVT Innovation is a non-profit organization, created in 1988 by territorial institutions, entrepreneurs and academics of the Var Department.  The organization is well known at local and international levels, thanks to its presence within numerous networks (PACA Innovation, RETIS, EBN, IASP, Réseau CURIE, ANRT Europe…). Currently, the TVT Innovation is comprised of 280 members that represent local authorities, companies, laboratories, and research centers. Its ambition is to organize a privileged environment for companies’ accompaniment and technological valorization not only in the Var Department but also in the whole Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur area.

TVT Innovation supports innovative startup projects from idea to development. It also offers a personalized support services concerning European and international programs. At the meeting point between the companies’ needs and public innovation policies established by local authorities, TVT has developed innovative structuring projects as well as tailored facilities adapted to both young and mature companies. TVT’s conditions are very flexible as companies can be hosted for short or long term, at progressive rates, and in 3 locations.

Additionally, TVT Innovation runs 2 business incubators (one dedicated to IT startups, the other one is not industry specific), a Living Lab named Innov'Labs, the Var Business Angels network (VBA), regional initiatives related to economic Intelligence and international soft-landing developments, Europeans projects (FP, CIP, Life +, MED programs), and the PACA Sea Innovation & Business Cluster (labeled worldwide competitiveness Cluster). It also hosts and participates in the “43.117” activities, an independent organization for IT businesses.

TVT Innovation in numbers

  • 4 business support managers
  • 27  employees in total
  • 218 companies accompanied/seen per year
  • - companies hosted/YR
  • - % survival rate after 3 Yrs
  • - % survival rate after 5 Yrs
  • - full time jobs created per company
  • - companies interested in international development, particularly the United-States


Les structures partenaires

logo ceei provence

Domaine du Petit Arbois
BP 88
13545, Aix-en-Provence Cedex 4
Tel: (+33) 4 88 19 75 15

The structure and its activities

Located in a science park specialized in environmental activities, the Provence BIC is a partner of industry clusters specialized in risk management, renewable energies, ocean activities and aerospace solutions. As a consequence, Provence BIC has developed an expertise in engineering related projects.

The Provence BIC is administered by its funding agencies (General Council, Regional Council, Europole de l'Arbois and Communauté du Pays d’Aix) and by companies representing the regional economy. Member of the "PACA INNOVATION" a regional Network which brings together regional actors of innovation, BIC Provence acts as a trusted advisor and collaboration facilitator.

Provence BIC offers specialized services, financial management, marketing, tax and social services to small & medium companies. For an innovative startup (creation or development), the BIC team can help validate the innovation potential and market, give advice regarding the IP and funding strategy, facilitate prototype construction, confirm the viability of the project, and provide introductions to relevant partners. A “nursery” facility (corresponding to an American Incubator) managed by BIC Provence has also been setup to host innovative companies.

BIC Provence in numbers

  • 4 business support managers
  • 8 employees in total
  • 80 companies accompanied/seen per year
  • 35 companies hosted/YR
  • 85% survival rate after 3 Yrs
  • 78% survival rate after 5 Yrs
  • 3 full time jobs created per company
  • 5-7 companies interested in international development, particularly the United-States


logo marseille innovation

45 rue Joliot Curie
13382, Marseille
Tel : (+33) 4 91 11 88 00

The structure and its activities

Created in 1996, Marseille Innovation Business Innovation Center (BIC) has three incubators and business centers to host and support business start-ups. Its total capacity is one-hundred startups and its ambition is to accelerate growth and attract talent!

Its governance is supported by a board of directors composed of industrialists, bankers, venture capital companies and start-ups as well as a advisory committee composed of its main funders at local, national and European levels.

Marseille Innovation represents a network of 3 “nursery” facilities (corresponding to American incubators) on 2 sites.
At the Château-Gombert science park, specialized in engineering sciences, where 150 businesses and a thousand faculty members work daily:

  • The “Technology Hotel” dedicated to engineering and Information Technology startups.
  • The  “Technoptic Hotel” intended to accommodate businesses related to optics and photonics vision, light, lighting, photovoltaics, lasers ...

At the Belle de Mai Media cluster

  • The Belle de Mai “nursery” (corresponding to an American incubator) dedicated to audiovisual, multimedia, and video games production companies.

Marseille Innovation in numbers

  • 3 business support managers
  • 12 employees in total
  • 59/165companies accompanied/seen per year
  • 34 companies hosted/YR
  • 80% survival rate after 3 Yrs
  • 85% survival rate after 5 Yrs
  • 200 full time jobs created per company
  • 10 companies interested in international development, 3 particularly interested in the United-States


logo incubateur belle de mai

Pôle Média
37 Rue Guibal
13003, Marseille
Tel : (+33) 4 95 04 67 30

The structure and its activities

Belle de Mai Incubator is an organization aiming to help transform innovative IT projects into a viable businesses.

Accredited by the French Ministry of Research and Education, Belle de Mai Incubator contributes to strengthen French positioning in knowledge industries. Its action also aims to increase the transfer of research results into new services and products, by encouraging the creation and development of innovative companies specialized in Information Technology and Communication.

Based at the Belle de Mai Media Park in Marseille, the Incubator is the only French incubator specialized in IT and it receives startup projects from all over France.

Belle de Mai Incubator in numbers

  • 2 business support managers
  • 3 employees in total
  • 10/50 companies accompanied/seen per year
  • Companies hosted/YR N/A
  • 78% survival rate after 3 Yrs
  • 75% survival rate after 5 Yrs
  • 400 full time jobs created
  • 5-6 companies interested in international development, particularly the United-States among the companies currently incubated.


logo incubateur paca-est

1047 route des dolines
Allée Pierre Ziller
06560, Valbonne Sophia Antipolis
Tel : (+33) 4 89 86 69 10

The structure and its activities

PACA-Est Incubator is a business incubator designed to assist in the development of startup companies.

The incubator provides support in various formsduring the company’s early stages including advice, funding and office space. Unlike research and technology parks, incubators are geared toward startups and very young companies and offer a variety of tailored services.

The organization has a non-profit status and is supported by public funds. As a consequence, the startup projects eligible to enter the incubator are requested to work, in a way or another, with a French public research laboratories and/or universities.

PACA-Est Incubator in numbers

  • 4 business support managers
  • 5 employees in total
  • 25 companies accompanied/seen per year
  • 10 companies hosted/YR
  • 87% survival rate after 3 Yrs
  • 85% survival rate after 5 Yrs
  • 517 full time jobs created per company
  • 8-9 companies interested in international development, particularly the United-States

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