What is Softlanding ?

Services which allow a "soft landing" on the territory

Support services

Support services available on the territory made for companies or foreign innovation professionals.

Types of services

  • Logistic: access to offices and computer services.
  • Access to the local innovative community: connecting with companies and partners.
  • Customized support: meetings with experts and specialized advisers.


  • Develop technological, university or commercial partnerships.
  • Favor new foreign companies or start-ups creation on the territory. 


  • Set up of the services: Incubators and Business Innovation Centers.
  • Services targets: foreign companies and innovation actors who are interested in a territory but also companies of this territory when they are referee to welcome softlanding partners sites.

A network of partners


  • Develop technological, university or commercial partnerships between countries.
  • Facilitate mobility and the follow up of companies from a territory to another.
  • Establish working relationships and trust between professionals of the the welcome softlanding partner sites abroad.

A network of actors

The Business Innovation Centers and Incubators now belong to the softlanding structures network and softlanding programs.

The most well-known networks

softlanding networks

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