The hosting of entrepreneurd in BIC or incubators

If you are a foreign entrepreneur and if you wish to benefit from the Trajectoires International program, you can work in the consortium members' premises. You will be welcomed as well in Toulon, as in Marseille, Nice or Aix-en-Provence, thanks for a unique offer.

If you want to know our offers and hosting tarifs, please download our complete presentation leaflet.

Price rates

Private office

  • Day: 30€ HT
  • Week: 100€ HT
  • Month: 300€ HT

Co-working space

  • Day: 25€ HT
  • Week: 85€ HT
  • Month: 240€ HT

Conference room

                                                                       Half day              Entire day

4 to 8 people room:                              15€ HT                  25€ HT

8 to 30 people room:                           30€ HT                  50€ HT

Additional conditions

When you get an incubator membership (around 400€/year), you are eligible for a 10% to 20% discount on office space. Not only that, you also have access to support services from the incubator's staff and partners!


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