Support for international activities development

Thanks to their experience and a pallet of tools developed by the consortium, our teams can help you to better approach and enter the market which you aim: the USA, the Maghreb, Brazil... And of course the PACA region for the foreign entrepreneurs!

What are the objectives of a softlanding support?

The services of the Trajectories International program relies on the knowledge, the mutual trust and the positive collaboration developed by the structures forming the consortium. The objectives of this support are:

  • Supply a favored access to offices abroad in the BICs, the incubators and associated structures.
  • Provide a support, on behalf of the teams of Trajectories International to every visiting company,  about legal, financial, cultural, or practical matters.
  • Improve the economic intelligence practices of both regions participating to the operation.
  • Facilitate the international collaboration between the target countries of the program.


Services provided by the consortium members

Every member of the Trajectoires International consortium can supply a range of services to help companies to reach their goals on overseas markets. The entrepreneurs can benefit of general and/or specific services in every structure.

To discover the detailed services provided by each structure, please download the detailed list here.


How to access those softlanding services?

The main steps to benefit from our softlanding support are:

steps to obtain a support


If you are interested in developing your activity abroad, or if you want to benefit of the consortium members expertise to settled down your company in the PACA Region, please contact us!

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