Professionalize your softlanding approach

Trajectories International in partnership with the Rétis network propose you tools and specific trainings about softlanding to professionalize and build or strengthen your project of international expansion.

Trajectoires International, in partnership with the Rétis network, can propose you 4 kinds of services depending on your needs:

Retis training


Download the complete presentation of these program offers. And for more informations, please contact us!


Information Offer

For who?

For those who just want to be informed.

The offer

An International Newsletter which will list the international innovation current events , the plans, the programs and European and international calls for projects dedicated to the innovation, the supplies and demands of partnerships, supplies and demands of internships for the welcome of foreign students in France or conversely. This newsletter will also include a "Look of expert and Benchmark" section emphasizing the international partners and their projects.


Discovery Offer

For who?

For those who want to try, discover, share.

The offer

This second offer is going to allow the exchange of best practice between the different  program members as well as the capitalization of the international experiences through  collective information sessions. It will be also possible to you to take part to discovery journeys and to exchange with networks of partner incubators. This new offer, centred on benchmarking, will allow you to appreciate international opportunities and to take advantage of the network.


Training Offer

For who?

For those who want to be trained and train their companies for international expansion.

The offer

The RETIS Academy has for vocation the professionalization about all the domains concerning the exercise of international businesses. This third offer, Training, has for objective to make your teams rise as well as the start' ups which you accompany in skills and knowledge, regarding internationalization. It consists in three types of training dedicated to the teams and project managers, to the young innovative companies and to the innovative companies in development: SOFTLANDING, NETVA and FACE 5.


Action Offer

For who?

For those who are already familiar with softlanding and already have an experience of international actions.

The offer

This last offer is made for those who are already familiar with softlanding, have an experience of international actions or those who wish to make a concrete commitment with the support of start' up on the international stage, France / abroad or abroad / France. Thanks to the Premium service membership, you will have access, punctually and in a shared time, to the Rétis project manager Audrey Guazzone based in the United States, as well as the US partners networks of Rétis, you can benefit from a new collaborative tool of exchanges centred on the international, and from a database containing qualified foreign project holders.

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