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Within the framework of the Trajectories international program, the consortium members propose various types of services within their structures or with partners. It goes from the simple hosting to a more pushed and personalized support.

Nevertheless, all the organizations do not propose all the services of the network, please thus be attentive to the modalities of each structure.


If you are a foreign entrepreneur and if you wish to benefit from the Trajectoires International program, you can work in the consortium members' premises. You will be welcomed as well in Toulon, as in Marseille, Nice or Aix-en-Provence, thanks for a unique offer.

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Development Support

Thanks to their experience and a pallet of tools developed by the consortium, our teams can help you to better approach and enter the market which you aim: the USA, the Maghreb, Brazil... And of course the PACA region for the foreign entrepreneurs!

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Professionalize your project

Trajectories International in partnership with the Rétis network propose you tools and specific trainings about softlanding to professionalize and build or strengthen your project of international expansion.

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