Trajectoires International: The PACA Region softlanding program

Trajectoires International aims at the implementation, on a regional scale, of a softlanding program, carried by 6 innovative companies supporting structures presented in the "consortium" tab.

The project's stakes

The Trajectoires International program has three main stakes:

  • The professionalization of the incubators/BIC teams of the PACA Region regarding support of their international innovative companies
    • by the consolidation of exchanges and sharing of practices with incubators partner in the world.
    • by an appropriation and a sharing of the knowledge relative to the ecosystems economy / innovation of a series of countries identified as relevant target countries.
  • The application of these skills through the support of a group of international innovative companies, on sites and pre-identified target countries, in partnership with incubators or partner centers of innovation identified.
  • The deepening of the relations with a target zone in the world of regional interest with the aim of weaving long-lasting relations, and in a research for reciprocity.


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The actions

The actions led within the framework of the Trajectoires International program decline in two modules.

Structuring and promoting the Softlanding service of incubators and pre-incubators of the PACA Innovation Network.

The consortium goals will be:

  • To structure, in a region-wide range of services, their practices and individual softlanding experiences.
  • To promote these services to
    • a companies panel of the PACA region, followed by BIC or incubators or brought out of pre-incubators, which will be selected.
    • companies and partner structures abroad, in the target countries identified as priorities within the framework of the regional strategy of international development and attractiveness: the United States (California, and Florida first and foremost, but also Massachusetts and State of New York), Brazil (State of Saõ-Paulo) and the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia).

The Innovation Exchange mission in Floride

In parallel, the 5 consortium partners will put into practice their service and their tool box by launching and by implementing a partnership, an Innovation Exchange mission, with the American East coast and more exactly partners in Florida.

The purpose will be, in the medium term, be to put into practice around concrete cases and within the framework of a formalized partnership, the "the softlander tool box", and the implyed associated methods:

  • two-way street collaboration, translated by a dedicated person to coordinate the mission for each part/country.
  • A mutual knowledge of the working practices, the structures tools and devices  in PACA and in Florida, being able to pass by project managers exchanges.
  • A co-support for project holders with a duet of referents.
  • The mutual implementation of economic intelligence activities.

To set up this module of the project, the foreign territory and its actors have to have the same objectives and the same motivations as the PACA region. The first members of the consortium's experience feedback led them to propose the territory of Florida in the United States as the first experiment territory.

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