The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region

The PACA region is made of three territories: Provence, Alpes and Côte d'Azur. Economically, it is the third-leading region in France.

The PACA Region in numbers

  • ± 5 millions of inhabitants
  • 6 departments
  • 4 main cities (Marseille, Nice, Aix en Provence and Toulon)
  • A sophisticated logistics network (including 3 international airports)
  • Trade ports and marinas
  • Exceptional lifestyle & mediterranean climate
  • Cultural & artistic dynamism

carte de la région PACA


Apart from being one of the worldwide known touristic destinations, PACA is attractive for its outstanding intellectual & technological resources in various industries.

Its economic development drivers are: innovation research & education, public & private partnerships, and entrepreneurship spirit.

11 clusters in the PACA Region

  • CapEnergies (Energies of the Future)
  • EAU (technologies and water valorisation)
  • Eurobiomed (Health & Life Sciences)
  • European innovation cluster Fruits & Vegetables (Food industry)
  • Risk (Risk Management & Regional Vulnerability)
  • PACA Maritime cluster (Sustainable Development, Maritime Security and Safety)
  • Pass (Cosmetics & Aromas)
  • Pégase (Aeronautics)
  • Optitec (Optics, Photonics and Imaging Systems)
  • Communicative and Secured Solutions
  • Trimatec (ecotechnologies)

R&D in the PACA Region

The PACA Region also tries hard to create links between the various industries on the territory, its universities, and its research structures:

  • 2nd cluster for fundamental research
  • 3 universities
  • 12 high-level schools
  • 102,000 students

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